Infants Program - 0 To 17 Months Old

This group is referred to as The Nest and focuses on providing the sense of greatest security. Infant's listen to songs and stories along with other activities that improve motor skills and provide intellectual stimulation, social development and self-awareness.

In this class, we encourage our youngsters to feel safe, secure, and confident enough to explore their surroundings in a nurturing environment. They are given opportunities to explore and develop their motor skills, social and cognitive skills as well.

Our infants are encouraged to take part in such activities as kicking, turning, crawling and walking to develop and fine tune their gross motor skills.

They are intellectually stimulated by making noises, playing music, clapping and exploring objects for size, shape, texture and color. The infants are exposed to language development by singing, reading books, looking at pictures, re-verbalizing body parts and constantly naming all objects.

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