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Neena Jussab

Park Point Montessori
Mrs. Madu Singh

November 3, 2008

Dear Mrs. Singh:

Navid has been a student at Park Point Montessori for over 1 and ½ years and has really enjoyed his time here. I feel he learned a great deal in the toddler-transition program with Mrs. Molly and even more so in the Pre-K Program with Mrs. Sofia and Mrs. Arva.

In the past year, I have seen amazing progress in his speech, language, math, social and many other skills. I want to compliment you on having such fine teachers who really take greate pains to help the children learn and understand.

The Montessori Experience has been a very rewarding one for Navid and for our family.

Navid will miss all of you at Park Point Especially his teachers and friends.

With warm regards.
Neena Jussab

Mullai & Vivek

Dear Ms. Siddhiqua,

As the new yea approaches, in addition to wishing you a wonderful new year, we would like to use this as an opportunity to thank you for being a wonderful teacher to Mukil. Mere words cannot express our thanks for the change you have wrought in him.

We have noticed a tremendous improvement regarding Mukil’s social and academic behaviour. He is a very confident and comfortable little person now as compared to a year ago. And he has shown a great affinity for Mathematics, thanks to you for fostering, acknowledging and cultivating that interest.

Mukil holds you in very high regard, and regards your words as gospel. We really appreciate that, since he has learnt an amazing amount this past year. We are very glad to have you as his teacher.

-Mullai & Vivek

Carlos, Karen, Juliana & Isabella Barcenas

May 15, 2006

Dear Mrs. Madhu and Montessori Park Point Staff

We remember when we first met almost 7 years ago when you were just opening the school with barely six little students; our Juliana was the 7th on your list. Since the first moment you transmitted to us confidence, security, professionalism, but over all these feelings, we perceived enormous love and compromise for your job and for those little and fortunate kids.

We are witnesses of how Park Point Montessori School has been growing over these years and it is amazing how you still make each and everyone of your 70 students feel how special they are.

The successfulness of your school is not only the Montessori philosophy, but also he wonderful staff that you have wisely selected, as they are excellent professionals. Furthermore, we consider them as our truly friends, in which hands we leave our daughters with the confidence that they will be warmly comforted or disciplined when necessary.

Thanks to you, Juliana has successfully dealt with the challenges of a big school. She is an excellent student with moral values firmly established. Isabella enjoyed with you a very important first year of her life where she learned many things but more important, it was her first scholar experience that was full of love and care.

Thanks Miss Shamina, Miss Asha, Miss Rehment, Miss Farrah, Miss Suzy, Miss Myra, Miss Almira, Miss Leyla, Miss John, Miss Sofia, Miss Molly and all the teachers for your devotion, for your knowledge, for your warmth and for your being wonderful women.

We wish you the best. In your hands you have an enormous responsibility with the future generations. We leave your school with remembrance of precious people and important moments; you will be always in our hearts.


Carlos, Karen, Juliana & Isabella Barcenas


Dear Parkpoint teachers & friends,

I don’t quite remember the first time I walked into parkpoint. My mom told that I was very small (16 months) and she carried me to the class with tears in my eyes. She gave me to the loving hands of toddler class. But I was still crying because I was missing home. But very soon I started loving my teachers and school. My eyes said goodbye to tears and started shining. Gradually small smiles started appearing on my face that eventually changed into cheerful smiles & laughter. I started loving my teachers and school more than anything. I ran around in my class happily & took good interest in my studies. I used to wait for weekends during my first days of school…. but soon I started feeling that weekends are boring since there is no school. Dear teachers, Thank you for this gift. me and my parents appreciate every effort you took to change me into a bright, cheerful child. You provide me love, support, and strength and provided a valuable contribution to my personality. My special thanks to Miss Siddiqua, Miss Shazia, Miss Madhu and all my previous class teachers who encouraged me with studies and activities. Parkpoint my FIRST school will always be remembered first for my academics and achievements however far I fly. THANKS A BUNCH for all you have done for me.

With love,

Lindsey B

This is an excellent school. My son has been going here for a couple years and I cannot begin to tell you how caring the staff is. His teachers are very attentive and I love all the projects he brings home. The staff is also very accommodating to my son’s food intolerance and is always ready to address any concerns I may have. The facility is always clean and in great condition. The outdoor play area in the back is a huge bonus. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.

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