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Neena Jussab

Park Point Montessori
Mrs. Madu Singh

November 3, 2008

Dear Mrs. Singh:

Navid has been a student at Park Point Montessori for over 1 and ½ years and has really enjoyed his time here. I feel he learned a great deal in the toddler-transition program with Mrs. Molly and even more so in the Pre-K Program with Mrs. Sofia and Mrs. Arva.

In the past year, I have seen amazing progress in his speech, language, math, social and many other skills. I want to compliment you on having such fine teachers who really take greate pains to help the children learn and understand.

The Montessori Experience has been a very rewarding one for Navid and for our family.

Navid will miss all of you at Park Point Especially his teachers and friends.

With warm regards.
Neena Jussab